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Review article
An Alternative to Domain-general or Domain-specific Frameworks for Theorizing about Human Evolution and Ontogenesis
Volume 2, Issue 2,  Pages: 91 - 104,  2015

Annette Karmiloff-Smith

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Review article
The Function of Sleep
Volume 2, Issue 2,  Pages: 71 - 90,  2015

Daniel A. Barone and Ana C. Krieger

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Insular Dysfunction in People at Risk for Psychotic Disorders
Volume 2, Issue 2,  Pages: 66 - 70,  2015

Gianna Sepede,Francesco Gambi and Massimo Di Giannantonio

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The Bilingual Cognitive Advantage: No Smoke without Fire?
Volume 2, Issue 2,  Pages: 58 - 65,  2015

Thomas M. H. Hope

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Can a Second Language Help You in More Ways Than One?
Volume 2, Issue 1,  Pages: 52 - 57,  2015

Ladan Ghazisaidi and Ana Inés Ansaldo

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